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BOKS WINTER FORMS now available!

For New Students - http://www.pinehillcsa.org/images/stories/docs/winter2013boksfullregistration-1.pdf

For Returning Students - http://www.pinehillcsa.org/images/stories/docs/shortregistrationform-2-2013.pdf


Enrichment has another fabulous month of programs at Pine Hill this January!

On Wednesday, January 16 Pine Hill's Kindergarteners, First and Second Graders will welcome David Zucker and "Poetry in Motion".  David will be bringing poetry to life in a masterful performance filled with acting, mime, humor, audience participation and a trunk full of costumes, puppets and props.  David's irresistible cast of characters are recreated from the poetry of A.A. Milne, Lewis Carroll, Langston Hughes, Shel Silverstein, Edgar Allen Poe and James Whitcomb Riley.  This is a fantastic show and promises to open many creative possibilities and a new appreciation of poetry.

Friday, January 18th Tom Wahle of Techsploration will be presenting his "Transportation" program at All School Meeting. What is friction?  How do rockets work?  Can you really float on air?  How do airplanes fly?  Using rockets, a mag-lev jet car, a hovercraft, a radio controlled blimp, a hot air balloon, and other fun props Tom will demonstrate the basic principals and history of transportation and flight.  This presentation really gets the students attention!  Please join us for this up-lifting performance! This program is supported in part by a grant from the Sherborn Arts Council, a local agency which us supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

On Wednesday, January 30 Tom Wahle is back again for another visit to Pine Hill.  Tom and his "Simple Machine" presentation and "Gearing up for Speed" workshop will visit the 4th grade.  While using a twelve foot long lever, three foot tall gears and pulleys, a catapult, and a hand crank music machine, Tom will demonstrate how all simple machines help us do work by trading distance for effort.  This is a whole new way to get students excited about simple machines.  A great follow up is the "Gearing Up for Speed" hands on workshop where our students will use gears, belts, and pulleys to build a transmission system for their motor driven cars.  The students then test their cars on up hill and down hill slopes, experimenting with different gear combinations, to get the fastest, most efficient car possible for the various conditions.  They learn how different gear combinations are used for different purposes.  Using grade appropriate math skills, the students use the data collected to determine why some gear combinations work better than others.  

On Thursday, January 31 the New England Aquarium will be visiting the Pine Hill 2nd Graders with their Tide Pool Program. The traveling tide pool exhibit allows participants to handle and observe a wide range of live tidal pool animals from local waters.  Our students will learn about the basic biology and anatomy of these animals while studying the characteristics of living things and their environments all while utilizing their observation skills.  This program is an exciting and hands-on approach to learning while teaching respect our waters and the animals which inhabit them. 

All these programs are brought to your children by CSA Enrichment and wouldn't be possible without the contributions from parents/guardians.  Thank you for your generous support!

If you'd like to get involved with Enrichment please contact Nan Theberge or Rebecca Graf.

Many of our CSA executive board positions are turning over this year. We seek a new Treasurer and (2) Co-presidents. Our hope is to begin a transition process late-winter/spring. Please contact Sarah O’Connell sajwight@comcast.net or Elizabeth Davidson evd999@earthlink.net with questions or to express interest.

The Pine Hill CSA Board needs someone to take on Fundraising and to cochair Communications.

Interested? Questions? email Sarah or Elizabeth at president@PineHillCSA.org

Have you gotten Pine Hill School Directory yet? Please, make a note, that CSA's Treasurer, Bruce Lazarus email is misspelled. The correct email is Lazarub@aol.com

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