2012 CSA Weekly News December 10



December promises to be another exciting month for Enrichment! 

On Friday, December 7th we are thrilled to welcome back one of Pine Hill's favorites - Big Joe the Storyteller.  Big Joe will meet with the Kindergarten students engaging them with his puppets and stories.  Joe has a wonderful collection of tales that will captivate the imagination. One of the many wonderful things about Joe’s yarns are the lessons that the children can take with them.  Joe gives laughter while still provoking thought, a wonderful combination! 

We are looking forward to welcoming a new program to Pine Hill this year -  Windows on Wildlife's Raptor Owls.  On December 11th the 2nd and 3rd grade will learn about the Life Cycle of these amazing birds.  The program includes an engaging powerpoint presentation, live birds of prey and an assortment of "touchable" artifacts that are woven together to create a compelling story about life in the wild.  All the birds are considered "non releasable" and they could not survive in the wild if let go.  This program fits well with the grade curriculums of study - life cycles in grade 2 and birds in grade 3.  

The Boston Museum of Science is back at Pine Hill this month visiting the 1st grade with their Animal Habitat program on December 13th.  The students will learn about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and how to identify each animal's habitat by looking at physical characteristics and diet.  They will also learn where the ideal place is for animals to live by observing three live animals and by looking for clues that determine their ideal shelter and food. 

In the New Year some of the programing we are looking forward to welcoming to Pine Hill is Techsploration: Simple Machines, David Zucker's Poetry in Motion and the New England Aquarium Tide Pool program.

All these programs are brought to your children by CSA Enrichment and wouldn't be possible without the contributions from parents/guardians.  Thank you for your generous support!

If you'd like to get involved with CSA and Enrichment please contact Nan Theberge or Rebecca Graf.
Your generous contributions make these exciting programs possible.  Thank you!

Many of our CSA executive board positions are turning over this year. We seek a new Treasurer and (2) Co-presidents. Our hope is to begin a transition process late-winter/spring. Please contact Sarah O’Connell sajwight@comcast.net or Elizabeth Davidson evd999@earthlink.net with questions or to express interest.

The Pine Hill CSA Board needs someone to take on Fundraising and to cochair Communications.

Interested? Questions? email Sarah or Elizabeth at president@PineHillCSA.org

Have you gotten Pine Hill School Directory yet? Please, make a note, that CSA's Treasurer, Bruce Lazarus email is misspelled. The correct email is Lazarub@aol.com

Early Release:

Dec-12 12:00 pm


Dec-11 Owls at Pine Hill - 2nd and 3rd grade

Dec-13 MOS/Animal Habitats - 1st grade

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