2012 Healthy On The Hill Nov 12
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Monday, April 24th, 2017

2012 Healthy On The Hill Nov 12

Pine Hill Parents Have An Open Invitation to Lunch! Come and see (and taste) what's on the menu. You can purchase the main meal or alternative daily lunch options (sandwich, salad or "Grab & Go" bag lunch) for $ 3.55 (cash only, please). No need to call ahead unless you'd like to request a particular lunch; in that case, a phone call to the front office would be great.

Menu updates: "Grab & Go" Bag Lunch: Cheerios will be returning as the cereal option (offered on Mondays). A la carte: Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa Puffs cereal bars are being removed. Currently, a selection of animal crackers, graham crackers and whole grain cheddar goldfish is offered for 50 cents. We are working to make a Greek yogurt available as an a la carte purchase. The following frozen fruit/juice items are available for purchase: Whole Fruit frozen fruit bars for 75 cents and 4 ounce frozen "100% Fruit Juice Rip Slush" tubes for $1.50. For a printout of your child's purchases, contact Judy Carnes, Pine Hill's kitchen manager,

We've put up colorful signs to remind your child that they are welcome to : 1) come back for "seconds" of their favorites of the daily selection of raw fruits and vegetables; and 2) ask for a sample of a menu item... even if they're not buying lunch that day!

We welcome your feedback. Email Donna Moore at dryanmoore@gmail.com or Jen Lawrence at jenll@comcast.net (Pine Hill parent representatives of the Dover-Sherborn School Nutrition Advisory Committee (SNAC)).

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