Notes From Home

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Dear Pine Hill School Parents,

Pads of “Notes from Home” notes are available through CSA to help make your morning routine simple.

You can order additional pads of these bright yellow “Notes from Home” using the order slip below. Proceeds from sales of the pads will support CSA programs.

  • The cost is only $3.00 per pad (so order more than one!)
  • Simply complete the order slip below
  • Make your check payable to “CSA”
  • Return your order slip and check in an envelope marked “Attn: Office/Notes from Home”
  • The pads will be sent home in your child’s backpack. (What could be easier?)

Thank You for your order!

------------------------ cut here ------------------------

Student Name:________________________________



I would like to purchase______(number) of “Notes from Home” pads at the price of $3.00 per pad. My total purchase is $3.00 x ______ (number of pads) for a total of $____________.

My check (made payable to “CSA”) is enclosed.