Gold Rush


Nancy Stanley, of "The Gold Rush at Home", will be bringing her scale and gold tester to the CSA Yard sale on May 15th.

Start digging through your jewelry boxes and collect those single earrings, broken or twisted chains, bangles, charms, gifts from the "ex" or stuff that just wouldn't ever be worn again! It doesn't matter, as long as it is real gold, Nancy will take it all - any color, any karat, any condition and you’ll receive a check on the spot. Pieces containing stones, such as rings or necklaces, can be turned in as well (Nancy can remove stones in prongs for you). Don't forget about big old class rings and tell your friends to come or send their items with you! It's a great way to earn some money!

Note that she is not able to take starter earrings (the ones with the sharp point), earring backs or watches. For more information visit