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November 14, 2011

Dear Pine Hill School Families,

The Pine Hill CSA is asking parents to donate generously to the CSA Fund for Excellence. Our goal this year is to raise $25,000—the same amount that the Pine Hill CSA will spend on classroom curricula and enrichment programs for 2011-2012. Your donation provides support to every grade, every classroom and every student. With your family’s support, CSA will spend approximately $200 per student at Pine Hill this year. We ask that you consider a contribution of $100 for each Pine Hill child in your family, but welcome any amount that you can give.

Why donate? Your donations directly impact the quality of classroom instruction. By funding teacher-submitted grant proposals, we give faculty the chance to test progressive curricula, install cutting-edge technology and create exceptional learning opportunities for our children at Pine Hill. With school budgets under pressure, the CSA Fund for Excellence is increasingly important to maintaining innovation in Pine Hill classrooms. Your support is crucial in many ways, including:

  • $200 provides Science Court, an innovative computer-based science program to the 5th grade.
  • $300 provides the highly-effective Marcy Cook math materials to the entire 3rd grade mathematics curriculum.
  • $400 brings the Museum of Science’s portable planetarium STARLAB—a dark, cloudless night sky—to the Pine Hill 4th grade class during the daytime.
  • $500 brings Science Work’s hands-on workshop Balls and Ramps to the 1st grade class.
  • $650 brings representatives of the Wampanoag Native-American tribe to the entire 2nd grade class to teach Wampanoag history and culture.
  • $1,000 brings Apple iPod Touch technology to the entire Kindergarten literacy curriculum.
  • $1,500 provides Document Cameras and Projectors to six classrooms at Pine Hill.

We sincerely appreciate your generous contributions to previous Pine Hill School fundraising efforts and hope that you will again play a leadership role by making a generous gift to the 2011-2012 CSA Fund for Excellence. Checks should be made out to the CSA Fund for Excellence and sent to Pine Hill CSA, PO Box 51, Sherborn, MA 01770. Or, you may include your contribution in your child’s backpack, in an envelope marked CSA Fund for Excellence. If your company has a matching gifts program, please consider increasing the impact of your donation; simply include the completed form with your gift to the CSA. All gifts to the Pine Hill Community School Association are fully tax-deductible.

On behalf of the entire CSA board, we greatly appreciate your generosity.

Very truly yours,

Elizabeth Davidson Sarah O’Connell

CSA Co-President CSA Co-President