Kindergarten Enrichment Schedule

Date Program Name
November Big Joe the Storyteller
March Eric Carle Museum
April African Drummers
May 26 Bugworks

Big Joe the Storyteller
Big Joe the Storyteller is a returning favorite to Pine Hill. A former preschool teacher, Big Joe has been entertaining children for 12 years in New England and across the nation. Energetic and animated, Joe brings to life folktales, fairy tales, classics, multicultural tales and original stories with the help of his arsenal of puppets and props. Children are actively drawn into Joe's stories and become part of his storytelling process. Crediting his mother's avid bedtime reading as a source of his own fascination with the exciting world of storytelling, Joe reminds young listeners of the power of one's imagination and of their unique ability to tell their own stories.

Bugworks - As an introduction to our study of insects, the Bugworks exhibition brings live insects and other arthropods into the Kindergarten classroom. The instruction is interactive and the program emphasizes respect for the insects that are being presented. Topics discussed by the visiting scientist include life cycles and metamorphosis, anatomy, feeding strategies, locomotion, habitats and anti-predator defenses. The Bugworks scientist visits each Kindergarten classroom individually, providing the students with an up-close view of the insects and their different behaviors. The children are encouraged to ask and answer questions, make connections to prior knowledge they have about insects, and are encouraged to have safe, gentle interaction with fascinating six-legged creatures.

Eric Carle Museum - " I am an Artist" A wonderful compliment to our month long interdisciplinary author study of Eric Carle, this hands-on program engages the children in thinking about what it means to be an artist. Using Eric Carle's work as inspiration, the children explore process, materials, and create individual collage artwork. The program is led in each Kindergarten classroom by a visiting artist from the Eric Carle museum. The representative from the museum first shows the group examples of Eric Carle's original art and discusses some of the author/illustrator's inspirations. The children are then lead through the step-by-step process of creating works that the famous author/illustrator used to create his most famous and beloved children's books.

David Polansky's music is humorous, clever and engaging and his songs have won numerous awards including the coveted Artists' Foundation Fellowship, Music City Song Festival, Sheet Music Magazine Grand Prize, and others. He plays a variety of instruments, tells amusing stories and performs many of his original songs. David communicates well with the children in his audience and his "sensitive and often comical lyrics deal with diverse aspects of human (and sometimes animal) nature to which people of all ages easily relate." A fun and interactive experience for the Kindergartners, David's performance gives the children an opportunity to hear and sing new songs and practice many of the skills they are learning in Music class including keeping beat, echoing songs, using song and movement simultaneously and choral singing.

Len Cabral is a nationally acclaimed award winning storyteller and author who has been enchanting audiences with his unique, personable style at schools, libraries, museums and festivals throughout the United States and Canada since 1976. In addition to his performance art, Len provides keynote addresses and creates workshops for educators and students. Using mime, poetry, song, humor and vivid characterizations, Len is a popular storyteller at festivals and theaters around the country.