Grade 5 Enrichment Schedule

Date Program Name
October Weather: Matt Noyes
November Peter Lourie, author
February Paul Revere House
April 13 Uprising on King Street

Matt Noyes, Meteorologist for NECN
The 5th grade Science unit was greatly enhanced during an afternoon workshop with Matt Noyes, a NECN meteorologist since 2002. Matt makes weather interesting and accessible through authentic footage and experience. Pine Hill 5th graders worked hard to develop an understanding of the factors involved in determining weather in a particular place at a particular time and Matt’s workshop helped bring to life all they have learned, including the instruments and computer-based technology the students used to explore physical phenomena.
For his educational efforts with children, Matt has received a commendation from the Massachusetts State Senate.

Uprising on King Street: The Boston Massacre
What are the responsibilities of a military force sent to occupy a foreign land? Is violence ever necessary to keep the peace? What role does class play in the administration of justice? In 1770, the people of Boston suffered under an increasingly harsh British occupation. Just ten days before the massacre, eleven-year-old Christopher Seider was shot by a British soldier during a protest. A week later soldiers clashed with ropewalk workers angry over the loss of jobs to the occupying force. Tensions between soldiers and citizens ran high and further violence seemed inevitable. On March 5, what started as a group of boys taunting the guard quickly escalated into a riot. British soldiers fired into the crowd, killing five of the protesters. The people of Boston demanded justice. John Adams defended both the British soldiers and their commanding officer Captain Preston at trial. Dubbed "the horrid massacre" by Sam Adams, the killings became a precipitating event of the Revolution. Theatre Espresso explores the circumstances that led to this tragedy and recreates the trial of Captain Preston. In role as jurors, students explore the events of the Boston Massacre through the eyes of ordinary men and women who were both shaped by and instrumental in shaping history.