Grade 3 Enrichment Schedule

Date Program Name
November Jackie Davies
January Ben Franklin
March David Coffin
May Arthur-in-Residence Jackie Davies
June Old Sherborn Program

Ben Franklin
To enrich our unit on electricity, Ben Franklin visits third graders January 27th. Informative and engaging, Ben Franklin brings alive the 3rdgrade science unit on electricity while giving students a personal experience with American history. Richard Elliot, a convincing actor who plays Ben Franklin, speaks with the students about Ben's discovery of electricity and describes his many other inventions. He also mentions the importance of the number 17 in his life. Curious? Ask your child.

David Coffin
David Coffin is an extraordinary musician and an engaging, humorous presenter! He brings his large collection of recorders and wows the students with his skills. The third graders' mouths drop watching David's fingers fly over the recorder. David teaches students about the history of the recorder and also introduces them to the science of sound. This presentation inspires students to improve their own budding recorder skills and helps them to understand the third grade technology and engineering project, which requires them to create a multi-pitched instrument.