Grade 2 Enrichment Schedule

Date Program Name
Oct Plimoth Plantation
Jan Underground Railroad
February New England Aquarium - Tide Pools
March New England Aquarium - Whales
Spring Three Sisters Garden

New England Aquarium – Whale Day
Using interactive exhibits, students learn about the intelligence and biology of marine mammals, as well as how researchers study them. Kids get the answers to all of their questions about marine mammals and get involved with the activities. The program’s show stopper is a life-sized inflatable right whale.

Underground Railway

In January, students will enjoy "Are You Ready, My Sister?" which tells the exciting story of Harriet Tubman, great conductor on the Underground Railroad, and the Quaker women who helped her bring 300 fugitives to freedom. This historical adventure story is told by two actress/puppeteers using a giant patchwork quilt; as the plot unfolds, each square of the quilt comes to life with shadow puppets and back-lit scenery. Besides providing a brilliantly colorful setting, the quilt is a metaphor of women's work and collaboration, so central to the success of the Underground Railroad. A truly moving performance.