Magic of Communication Flyer

The Magic of Communication

As they learn to communicate through the arts, students understand why people need more than words alone for eloquent communication.

On October 16th, Pine Hill students will attend an all school presentation titled, The Magic of Communication. This hour-long show helps students develop an appreciation of, and a critical attitude towards, varied forms of communication. This unique program by Scott Jameson Presents is brought to Pine Hill through CSA Enrichment and a grant from the Sherborn Arts Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

The presentation is comprised of three 20 minute acts.

Act 1: Non-Verbal Communication

Featuring juggling, mime, and the live performance of an ancient Aboriginal instrument, the opening act is a whirlwind of movement, color, and music. Topics covered: How is music used to convey emotions and tell stories? How do you use body language and facial expressions in your everyday life?

Act 2: Verbal Communication

A live, mock television commercial helped students see through the verbal techniques used by advertisers to make you remember, and buy, their products. Later in this act, an audience volunteer helps present a classic magic illusion while receiving instructions almost entirely in Spanish.

Act 3: Communications Technology

From the printing press, to the telephone, to the early days of radio, act three uses stunning magic to demonstrate and examine how innovations in technology have allowed mankind to communicate over vast distances in space and time.

Scott Jameson’s unique blend of talents, combined with audience participation and a soundtrack of world music, bring students closer to an understanding of their own abilities to communicate with each other and the world.

Please ask your child about this important presentation.