The Schedule of ArtWorks Presentations

ArtWorks is a program designed to introduce Pine Hill students to some of the
world's great artists and their works of art. Designed by Donna Wayne, the parent of
recent Pine Hill alumni, students in grades K‐5 view and discuss major works of
several artists each year and have an opportunity to design their own project in the
style of the artist being studied. Parent volunteers teach and coordinate each
session using materials provided through the program and assist students in
preparing their individual projects. No prior experience as an artist is required.
The volunteer opportunities are to be a Grade Coordinator, a Room Coordinator,
and/or a volunteer during the presentations.

Each classroom has a Room Coordinator who works with other parent volunteers
to present the artists during the school year. The projects require one parent to do
the presentation with a pre‐written script and the other volunteers to assist. Your
help ranges from holding up posters and samples in the younger classes that do not
have White Board technology to aiding the kids in the craft part of the event.
Each grade has a Grade Coordinator who ensures that the classes in that grade are
fulfilling their project in a six to eight week time frame and that no other class in
that grade is conducting their project at the same time. The Grade Coordinator also
lets the ArtWorks Leader know if supplies are running low.
If one volunteers as a Grade Coordinator, it is often efficient and convenient for that
person to also be a Room Coordinator. It means that Grade Coordinator has one less
Room Coordinator to manage, since they are managing the grade and their child’s

The ArtWorks Leader ensures that all the grades are moving through their artists in
a timely fashion, that the supplies are stocked, and that the ArtWorks closet has the
“right” artists staged in the front of the closet. There are approximately 24 artists in
the ArtWorks program — four per class. Therefore six artists need to be “front and
center” in the ArtWorks closet at any given time, while the other artists are stored
deep within.

ArtWorks is an excellent program. It exposes children to the lives and motivations of
well‐known artists and shows our kids how the artist’s vision his/her community.
On a more personal level, it is one of the few times parents get to interact with the
kids in the classroom.

ArtWorks is funded through the generosity of CSA and the many, many parents who
volunteer their time to help expose our kids to artists’ unique and inspiring ideas.
Please download the pdf of the Grade Coordinator and Room Coordinator’s
responsibilities so you can see how to help! It takes a bit of timely coordination but
it very easy.

Downloadable Guide for Grade Coordinators
Downloadable Guide for Room Coordinators
Downloadable Guide for Volunteers

For 2011 - 2012, the schedule is as follows:

Michelangelo - November
Matisse - January
Carle - March
African Masks - May

First Grade:
Rockwell - Late October/November
Warhol - December
Van Gogh - January
Degas - March
Cassatt - April/May
Second Grade:
Pollock - late October/November
Hokusai - December
Picasso - January/February
Calder - March
Monet - May
Third Grade:
Homer - Late October/November
Audubon - December
Ringgold - February
O'Keeffe - March
Native American Art - May
Fourth Grade:
Botanical Artists - late Oct./early Nov.
Canadian 7 - January
DaVinci - March
Kahlo - May
Fifth Grade:
Dali - December
Rodin - January/February
Escher - March
Toulouse Lautrec - June