Composting Comes to Pine Hill

Food Waste Collection and Waste Free Lunch Practices to Be Introduced at Pine Hill

Beginning on Friday September 17, the Sherborn Recycling Committee with cooperation from the staff and volunteers in the lunchroom at Pine Hill, will begin a new program for collecting food waste. As the children finish eating, food will be collected in a lined barrel separately from trash and recyclables and the bags will be taken to the disposal area where they will be stored in animal proof barrels with lids and -- for extra protection -- bungee cords. The bags will be picked up twice a week and taken to a farm in Sherborn for composting.

By separating the food waste from the trash we hope to accomplish many things, practical as well as environmental. On the practical side we will save the school money by reducing the weight and volume of their trash by a considerable amount. On the environmental side there are numerous benefits. Composting returns valuable nutrients to the soil and generates large quantities of valuable soil amendments for farmers and gardeners. Composting is part of the earth’s natural, biological cycle of growth and decay, and therefore is climate-neutral. Using synthetic fertilizer on the other hand increases greenhouse gases because of the energy generated during the manufacturing process. Furthermore synthetic fertilizers are petroleum based, manufactured for the most part from foreign oil. We should be reducing our dependence on foreign oil, in every way possible.

At the same time, we will be concentrating on helping students learn how to reduce waste in their lunchboxes. We hope parents will help us in this effort by curtailing the use of plastic baggies, foil wrapped sandwiches, and single serving sizes and instead switch to reusable containers to measure out servings in order to reduce waste.

We think this will be a wonderful learning experience for our children and for parents and staff who we hope will be happy to participate.

Carol S. Rubenstein, Chair
Sherborn Recycling Committee
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