About the CSA Board

The mission of the Pine Hill Community School Association (CSA) is to maximize parent and community involvement in the life of Pine Hill School and to fund select enrichment programs, materials and equipment that contribute directly to the students’ learning.

If you have any questions about the Pine Hill CSA, please contact any member of the Board of Directors.

Executive Board Members 2013-2014

Elizabeth Davidson and Sarah O'Connell Co-Presidents president@pinehillcsa.org
Jennifer Grinnell Fundraising fundraising@pinehillcsa.org
Donna Young Secretary secretary@pinehillcsa.org
Madeleine Jeune Volunteers volunteer@pinehillcsa.org
Sasha Grebenyuk Communications communications@pinehillcsa.org
Nan Theberge and Rebecca Graf Enrichment enrichment@pinehillcsa.org
Kari Toney and Emily Daly Auction 2013 auction@pinehillcsa.org
Bruce Lazarus Treasurer treasurer@pinehillcsa.org